SafeNet Network HSM for Cloud Foundry

Hardware level compliance and security for Cloud Foundry applications with cf push.

Getting Started

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Note: This public preview service is for test and development only. is intended to help in developing and testing cloud-native applications that work with SafeNet Network HSMs in a Cloud Foundry environment. At this time, it is not designed for production use, and you should not use it to store next week’s winning lottery numbers or mission critical data.

The service uses SafeNet Network HSMs hosted at Gemalto’s eLab, located in Belcamp MD, and AWS CloudHSMs located next to Pivotal Web Services. We continue to actively develop the service, and would love to speak with you. If you have any specific questions, please get in touch.

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Who We Are

Joe Pindar

Chief agitator and rabble rouser for the project, Joe works in Gemalto’s IDP CTO office and spends his days fusing business strategy with product development. An avid Wardley mapper, he tempers a lust for new ideas with 15 years spent in the security industry.

Jen Ferguson

Jen is a Senior Partner Marketing Manager for Cloud Providers at Gemalto. She works directly with Gemalto’s platinum cloud provider partners; including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM in developing on-boarding and go-to-market strategies.

Jonathan Patchell

Jonathan works in Gemalto’s Applications Engineering team.  He loves working with Gemalto’s Hardware Security Modules and using his skills to develop solutions to integrate them with applications.

Gorav Arora

Gorav works in Gemalto’s IDP CTO office as the Director of Technology. Based in Silicon Valley, he gets to see and play with new shiny toys more quickly than most… including Buckminsterfullerene.

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